Arc Furnace Transformers

Arc Furnace Transformers are required for many different furnace processes and applications. They are built for steel furnace, ladle furnace and ferroalloy furnace, and are similar to short or submerged Arc Furnace Transformers.
Arc Furnace Transformers operate under very severe conditions with regard to frequent overcurrents and overvoltages generated by short circuits in the furnace and the operating of HV circuit-breaker.

Technical features:

  • Ratings up to 250 MVA
  • Secondary voltage up to 1,500 V (LF down to 80 V)
  • Electrode current for steel up to 120 kA
  • Electrode current for ferroalloy up to 180 kA


Design options of Arc Furnace Transformers:

  • Direct or indirect regulation
  • On-load or off-circuit tap changer
  • Built-in reactor for long arc stability
  • Air or water-cooled secondary bushing arrangements and designs
  • Internal secondary phase closure (internal delta)